About the Life Coaching Certification Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Life Coaching Certification Fellowship is a nine-month learning experience for life coaches, case managers, and other direct service professionals who are currently employed by an Oakland Unite grantee.  Fellows will learn coaching skills, receive mentorship, and build peer professional networks. Coaching certification will deepen their skill set for promoting behavior change and positive life choices among their clients and provide them with greater professional recognition. Upon completion participants will receive a certification in coaching that is recognized by the International Coach Federation. The Fellowship is designed for peer professionals committed to working with Oakland Unite clients in a direct service capacity. Program Managers with relevant experience who meet our criteria will also be considered. The Fellowship covers the full cost of certification.

The Certification Course

The Life Coaching Certification Fellowship includes three in-person full day trainings, 20 teleclasses, and 6 in-person two hour learning sessions. Approximate time commitment is 6-10 hours per month. The certification course will run from September 2017 through June 2018.  Final dates are still being determined. The course is taught by Leslie Brown, a Leadership that Works trainer and Oakland resident.  Upon completion fellows will be certified as Community Coaches.

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Why Life Coaching?

Oakland Unite believes that the experienced peer professionals in both Adult and Youth Case Management strategies are uniquely positioned to reach and work effectively with our target population. Many life coaches share lived experience with Oakland Unite clients and bring tremendous passion to the work. Investing in coaching certification will build case manager/life coach skills to support behavior change and positive life choices among Oakland Unite clients and support case managers professional development. This is the first time that Oakland Unite has invested in this unique professional development opportunity for its network.

About Leadership That Works

Oakland Unite has selected Leadership that Works as the trainer for the Life Coaching Certification Fellowship. The primary objective of the training is to introduce and support the integration of coaching skills into the work of front line community workers involved with Oakland Unite. Participants will learn and be able to use specific coaching skills that can enhance their work.
LTW’s model is designed to empower clients to achieve their goals and is the only certification program that has an explicit focus on advancing cultural awareness and racial equity. LTW offers interactive learning experiences focused on skill building and application.
Leadership that Works (LTW) is at the forefront of a growing field of nonprofit coaching with a focus on training and supporting the nonprofit sector and their partners. LTW is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

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