2018-2019 Trainings

Oakland Unite offers comprehensive training and technical assistance to its network of grantees for the 2018-2019 grant year.

Monthly Healing Circle for Oakland Unite Grantees & Staff

This is a monthly restorative circle series that Oakland Unite is holding for frontline staff to support your self-care. Last month's circle was great—and we heard that you want more of these opportunities.  (Faculty: Carole McKindly Alvarez, Gabriel Kram, and Others)

Oakland Unite invites you to join Dr. Carole for a morning of community connection, peer support, and skill development to support your well-being, healing, and safety in this work.

January Circle
Friday, January 25, 2019
Time: 10:00-12:00pm
Spots are limited - RSVP here.

Additional dates for February-April will be announced soon.


Motivational Interviewing and Life Coaching: Oakland Unite believes that meeting clients where they are at and supporting them to achieve their own goals can help people heal. Coaching is an effective strategy for advancing the client’s agenda. At the same time, motivational interviewing is an effective technique for reducing barriers to change when it comes to getting a job, reducing substance use, and stopping the cycle of violence. In this training participants will learn about the appropriate times to use the techniques of coaching and motivational interviewing.  (Faculty: Carole McKindly Alvarez, Leslie Brown and Senior Fellows).

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Assault and Exploitation: Oakland Unite serves clients who are victims and perpetrators of gender-based violence, including commercial and sexual exploitation and family violence. Survivors of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation experience lasting effects and need support to recover from the trauma of sexual violence. In this training participants will learn about victimology, how to recognize the impacts of victimization, and how to support survivors. (Faculty: TBD)

Facilitation Training: Senior Fellows are certified life coaches who are interested in teaching their peers about how to use coaching and motivational interviewing skills to help clients move towards their goals and remove barriers to change.  Senior Fellows will be selected through a competitive process and will participate in a day long training on facilitation skills.  They will then co-facilitate two trainings to the network on standards of practice related to motivational interviewing and coaching.