Oakland Unite Life Coaching Fellows

The Life Coaching Certification Fellowship is a nine-month learning experience for life coaches/case managers who are currently employed by an Oakland Unite grantee. The inaugural cohort of fellows graduated as certified community coaches in July 2017. Senior fellows will continue to work with our second cohort as mentors, coaches and trainers. Congratulations to our first cohort!


Senior Fellows

Carla Ashford

Intensive Case Manager, 
Oakland California Youth Outreach

Carla is from West Oakland and does this work because she wants to give back to her community and help others. Carla has three years of experience as a case manager/life coach.  Carla has turned her life around and wants to help others through Oakland Unite also turn their lives in a positive direction.  On her free time she likes to go to concerts, comedy shows and the movies.  She also enjoys watching UFC events.


Life Coach
Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

John was born, raised and currently still lives in East Oakland. He is a Life Coach for Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, as well as a Community Advocate to end mass incarceration, stop police brutality and reduce violence. He supports his clients in accessing employment, education and housing opportunities. John is a member of the Board and State Community Corrections Prop 47 Executive Steering Committee. He is an avid Oakland Raiders fan and a father of three. He enjoys sports, music, good conversation, and spending time with family. 


Supervising Case Manager
Oakland Unite, Human Services Division, City of Oakland

Emilio grew up in Oakland, attended Oakland public schools and has experienced first-hand what it is like to be a man of color in this city.  He has been working with youth and young adults in Oakland for over twenty years.  Emilio believes that education is the key to success for youth and adults of color.  Too many young adults are locked out of opportunity because they do not have a high school diploma or a college degree.  On his free time he likes to take long walks in the Oakland hills and spend time with his wife and three children. 


Life Coach
Oakland Unite, Human Services Division, City of Oakland

Edward is a life coach with Oakland Unite through the Human Services Division.  He is looking forward to learning tools that help to motivate hard-to-reach clients.  Edward is dedicated to help save the lives of the lost and disenfranchised people in his community, especially young men of color. On his free time, he enjoys hiking, plays, comedy shows and working out.  Edward has 15 years of experience working as a life coach with people in his community. 


2016-17 Inaugural Fellows

daniela medina

Life Coach/ Case Manager Supervisor
Oakland California Youth Outreach

Daniela is from Oakland, California.  She is a life coach/case manager supervisor with Oakland California Youth Outreach.  She works with Oakland Unite because she wants to help people from her community progress and succeed. For Daniela, the first step in changing Oakland for the better is instilling hope in her community.  On her free time, Daniela likes reading, spending time with her family and public speaking.

Darren White

Leadership Council Developer
The Mentoring Center

Darren was born and raised in Oakland, and has also lived in Virginia and South Carolina. Darren does this work because he loves to give back and help people and his community. For Darren, working as the Leadership Council Developer for the Mentoring Center is not just a job, it is his calling. He values his family and providing for them, himself and community.  On his free time, Darren enjoys watching football, playing with his dog, wine tasting, traveling and smoking great cigars. 


Direct Service Manager

Jasmine was born in San Francisco, California and was raised all over the Bay Area. She loves the work that she does with Oakland Unite and MISSSEY because it allows her to work with young women who come from her community or communities very similar to hers.  At MISSSEY Jasmine supervises a team of six case managers who support young people involved in the Juvenile Justice Center, Foster Care System and those who fall through the cracks. On her free time, Jasmine likes to hang out with family and friends. She loves being outdoors with her 5 year-old daughter and doing anything that makes her smile.


Life Coach
Oakland Unite, Human Services Division, City of Oakland

Javier grew up in the East Bay area and comes from the same community as many Oakland Unite clients. He feels he was called to help those who are impacted by drugs and violence. Javier, has a passion for helping others overcome their issues and has a unique ability to connect with young men. For 8 years he worked as a case manager for a drug program and currently works as a life coach for Oakland Unite. He enjoys being a father and spending time with his children and wife. He has a few classic cars and loves to attend car shows.

J.D. RHone

Lead Intervention Specialist                         Youth Alive

J.D. was raised in Richmond, California. J.D. does this work to provide an opportunity for young men and women to thrive. J.D. believes that one of the most important things in life is forgiving yourself. J.D. is the Lead Intervention Specialist for the Caught in the Crossfire program at Youth Alive. In his free time, he likes to fish with his older brother and spend time with his family.


Case Manager                                                  East Bay Asian Youth Center

Kentrell was born and raised in Oakland and graduated from Oakland public schools. He does this work with Oakland Unite as a way of giving back to a community that helped him. As senior case manager at East Bay Asian Youth Center, he provides intensive intervention, counseling and life coaching to young men through the Intensive Youth Case Management strategy. He currently attends bible college and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. He hopes to become a Pastor.