About OU Training

Bright Research Group was selected by Oakland Unite through a competitive bidding process to plan and implement a training and technical assistance plan for the Oakland Unite network. Oakland Unite and Bright Research Group partnered to deliver this series of trainings to the Oakland Unite Grantee network.


About Oakland Unite

Oakland Unite is a division of the Human Services Department in the City of Oakland. Oakland Unite administers funds raised by the Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Act to prevent and reduce violence in Oakland. Approximately $8 million a year goes towards violence intervention programs and services focused on youth and young adults at the highest risk of being affected by violence and is administered by Oakland Unite. These programs and services fall under five main strategies (1) Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management, (2) Education & Economic Self-Sufficiency, (3) Violent Incident & Crisis Response, (4) Community Asset Building, and (5) Innovation. Oakland Unite coordinates funded agencies, service providers, and system partners with a collective goal of reducing violence. 

For additional information or questions, please contact Josie Halpern-Finnerty, Program Planner, Oakland Unite Programs, at JHalpern-Finnerty@oaklandnet.com.

About Bright Research Group

Bright Research Group is a cutting-edge women- and minority-owned consulting firm based in Oakland, California. Our mission is to help public systems and social impact efforts become more responsive to the needs, preferences, behaviors, strengths and voice of consumers and communities. BRG specializes in Consumer and Stakeholder Research; Strategic Advising, Design, and Evaluation; and Capacity Building. BRG has several senior-level staff dedicated to planning and coordinating trainings and coaching opportunities to the Oakland Unite network.

For additional information or questions, please contact Kristina Bedrossian, Managing Director, Bright Research Group, at kristina@brightresearchgroup.com.