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Harm Reduction for Direct Service Providers- Part 2

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This training builds on the harm reduction approach and skills introduced in the Oakland Unite training that was held on December 15, 2016. In part 1 of the harm reduction training, attendees learned about the origins of harm reduction, drug use as a medicating behavior, co-occurring disorders, trauma and substance use, and the "drug, set, setting" assessment tool that allows the provider and client to understand all aspects of a person's relationship with drugs.

In this part 2 training, attendees will:

  • Practice using the Drug, Set, Setting assessment tool individually and in small groups to develop a comprehensive understanding of individual clients

  • Discuss the Stages of Change and Readiness models. Apply those models to clients

  • Use both models to develop a realistic care/service/treatment plan

  • Self-reflect on their ability to incorporate harm reduction and its specific tools into their practices, as well as the obstacles to integrating harm reduction.