Supervision Learning Community

In our survey of providers, we heard excitement about continuing the supervision training, coaching, and learning community with author and expert trainer, Rita Sever. 

Three Keys to Supervision Half-Day Training: The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their supervisor. This interactive workshop will teach three key practices that will enhance your supervision skills, lower turnover, and produce more effective results. The three keys are deceptively simple but produce extraordinary results. Designed for program managers, supervisors, and others who are responsible for supervising staff. November 8, 12:30-4:30pm.

Organizational Coaching and Learning Community: The application period is now closed. Selected fellows will receive organizational coaching, recommendations to strengthen supervision and peer learning opportunities with other grantees. Organizations receive an assessment and recommendations of their HR and supervision practices, individual coaching hours with Rita Sever, and three peer learning circles to practice supervision skills.

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Faculty: Rita Sever works with individual employees, teams, leaders and the entire organization to improve the organizational culture and practice of supervision. Nonprofits and other businesses have been benefiting from Rita Sever’s unified approach to human resources and organizational development for the past 20 years.  A certified professional coach with an MA in Organizational Psychology, Rita focuses on the critical role of employee supervision in organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do I or my organization need to be in a grantee in a specific strategy area in order to participate? No, trainings are available to all OU grantees in any strategy area.

2. Can I just attend the half-day training on November 8 without applying to the Supervision Learning Community? Yes.

3. What if I want multiple team members from my organization to participate in the Supervision Learning Community? Actually, this is preferred! Preference will be given to organizations where multiple supervisors have applied to be in the learning community. Sharing supervision practices in an organization is a best practice that Oakland Unite wants to promote.

4. Is there a cost to participate? No, Oakland Unite covers the entire cost of training and technical assistance.